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Yuletide Fortune Tellers is the Christmas episode of Switched at Birth.


As Bay and Daphne rebel against their mothers' Christmas traditions, a "Christmas miracle" grants them their wish of alternate lives in which they were not switched. Daphne wakes up as Bay Kennish ("Bay-Daphne") with her hearing intact, and a skilled soccer player in training for the Olympics; while Bay wakes up as Daphne Sorrento ("Daphne-Bay"), deaf but a recognized artist, with a brother, Angelo Junior (AJ). However, these benefits come at a price: workaholic cosmetics entrepeneur Kathryn and depressed, stay-at-home has-been John are on the verge of divorce; Toby is an angst-ridden Goth; Emmett is only Daphne-Bay's platonic friend; and Regina has never conquered her alcoholism. When the girls decide this is worse, they fail at trying to reverse it at a disastrous Christmas-eve dinner party at the Kennishes, and succeed at waking up back to normal only after embracing the mothers' traditions which they once hated.

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